Clearlight™ uses light technology to zap acne bacteria beneath skin without damaging surrounding tissue. This advanced treatment clears acne lesions up to three times faster than traditional treatments, with no downtime or harsh side effects. Clearlight™ is also effective for minimizing the effects of aging.

What patients are saying about Clearlight™
"It didn't seem possible that a light could improve my acne, but I had tried everything else so it made sense to try this too. I checked it out online and the studies were convincing. It has been more than seven months now and I am still clear. I continue to use the skin care suggested and the discolorations have faded. I love how my skin looks and feels. No one would ever guess that acne used to be such a problem for me."

"My teenage son has acne to the point where it's starting to affect his self-esteem. His doctor has him on oral antibiotics and topicals that dry out his skin. His condition has improved, but only slightly. A friend told me about the Clearlight™ treatments that require no antibiotics or harsh topicals. How does this work?"
Using new FDA-approved technology, the Clearlight™ works with blue and red light to kill acne bacteria and reduce the inflammation associated with acne. We are seeing improvement after just two treatments.