What patients are saying about Big Sky Cosmetic Surgery

"I am from southern California, the cosmetic surgery mecca. I was surprised and delighted to find your office here in Bozeman offering all the services I was accustomed to. Your staff is excellent, your office is beautiful; I am very impressed."

What patients are saying about liposuction.

"I can't believe the difference my liposuction surgery has made for me, I get compliments everyday. I wish I had done it sooner. A special thank you for the excellent care I received."

"I had been exercising and eating healthy for years but could never get rid of my saddle bags. My liposuction was so easy to recover from-I only missed one day of work-and I already look so good in my clothes-why did I wait so long?"

"Even though I am in my early forties, I thought I needed a face lift when I came into your office. I was surprised to find out that facial liposuction was all I needed to get rid of my double chin and jowls. It was less expensive and such a quick recovery. Now when I really do need a face lift you can be sure I will come back to you; I am so happy!"

What patients are saying about rhinoplasty

"From my first consultations, through my surgery, you and your staff have delivered. I especially enjoyed the computer imaging, which enabled me to have a dialog with Dr. Hetherington. I have always been unhappy with my nose, but was afraid to make a change for fear of the outcome. The imaging took that fear away. You have changed my life and I will always be grateful for that."

"I love my rhinoplasty. Since I was in my teens, I knew my nose did not fit my face. Now when I look in the mirror, or see myself in pictures all I do is smile."

"I have broken my nose several times, and each time I was less happy with the appearance. This last time really affected my ability to breathe. My wife was ready to move to another bedroom because of my snoring, so I decided to do something about it. The morphing with the computer was the clincher. When I saw how I could look, and Dr. Hetherington explained how he could improve my breathing, I didn't waste any more time. The operation and recovery, as it was explained to me, was much easier than I thought. I was relieved to learn I had the option of the hospital OR, and general anesthesia, or conscious sedation in your own office OR and that either way I could go home that same day. I chose to do my surgery in your office and couldn't be more pleased. Everyone was so professional, pleasant, and understanding of my questions and fears. Now my wife and I both thank you, I have my old nose back and breathe much easier, and another unexpected bonus, my headaches have greatly improved as well."

What patients are saying about leg vein treatment (EVLT)

"I am an athlete and the bulging veins on my legs got very painful after exercise, not to mention how unsightly they were. The EVLT treatment was simple, fast, and had a quick recovery. I was surprised at how soon I could return to my lifestyle..."

"In my younger days I got lots of compliments on my legs. With each pregnancy my veins got worse.They were bulging, painful, and downright ugly. I dreaded the "stripping" procedure, hospitalization, and down time. I was delighted to learn you have the latest technology for correcting varicose veins. After the ultrasound, Dr. Hetherington determined I needed the surgery on both legs. That was a year ago, and because I needed to do both legs, we did two separate procedures. I had a bit of down time, but I have been enjoying my legs ever since...I would recommend this procedure to anyone."

"Thank heaven for modern medicine and Dr. Hetherington. My bulging painful veins are gone. I have no visible scars and I only missed one day of work."

What patients are saying about otoplasty

"I think my ears look great. I didn't think they could look like this. This is what I always wanted."

""The operation has gone beyond what I thought. I just wish I hadn't waited so long. They look beautiful."

"I have been unhappy with my big ears all my life. When we started planning my wedding I dreaded the wedding photographs and decided to do something about it. My consultation with Dr. Hetherington made me feel so comfortable [they were] able to show me in the computer what I would look like if I had the surgery. When the bandages came off for the first time-I cried. My ears looked normal and beautiful. I was overwhelmed."


What patients are saying about face lifts

"I dreaded the thought of a face lift-I was afraid of the scars, afraid of looking "done", or un-natural, but I felt I looked old for my age; running and too much sun had taken their toll. From the minute I walked into your office, actually from my first phone call, I was sure that I had come to the right place. Your staff is excellent, you are an artist. I now look as naturally young as I feel with no visible scars. I couldn't be more happy with my choice. Thank you DR H."

"I always thought face lifts were for little old ladies. I am in my late forties, a runner, fit and healthy, definitely not a face lift candidate, or so I thought. I came to your office because the skin on my neck was wrinkled and loose. And worse yet, I could see jowls forming. In short, I was starting to look like my father. When Dr. Hetherington explained a facelift primarily takes care of the neck and jowls I was surprised. That is not at all what I expected. It is now several months since my surgery and I couldn't be happier. I do not look drawn or "done", just refreshed. My skin is clear and bright thanks to the skin care suggested. Many thanks to all the staff at Big Sky Cosmetic Surgery, you are the best."

"You are wizards; the work you do is transformational. You could never imagine how much my life has changed in your care. "

What patients are saying about brow lifts

"I love my brow lift. My face looks so open and relaxed. I love that all the incisions are in the hair so I have no visible scars. Your staff took such good care of me. Thank you everyone."

"My results are so natural. Now I look rested and refreshed. No one would ever think I had surgery."

"Before my Brow Lift I looked like I was worried, tired, and sad. Not at all how I felt. I am very pleased with the natural look of my results and I look as young as I feel."

What patients are saying about eyelid surgery

"I am so happy with my eyelid surgery. I look and feel years younger. Thank you for taking such good care of me."

"I love my eyelid surgery; my eyes look so refreshed and youthful. People no longer ask me if I am tired or sad. It is so much easier to wear eye makeup as well. I had heard that if you wait long enough the excess skin will impair your vision and insurance will cover the procedure. I thought about waiting, but I am so glad that I didn't. The cost was less than expected and every morning I see a happy, rested face in the mirror, and that is priceless! "

"I have had bags under my eyes since college, and as I've aged they became more pronounced and saggy. Not a good thing. I wore glasses to try to hide them. My wife encouraged me to meet with Dr. Hetherington. I liked him right away, and was impressed with his no pressure approach and his honest assessment of my problem. I am very pleased with the results of my surgery and found the whole experience to be surprisingly enjoyable. The staff is so personable, professional, and caring. I looked forward to each visit. By the way, I am back in contacts again and loving it."

What patients are saying about midface lifts

"Thank you Doctor Hetherington and staff for my new look, I now see the old me back in the mirror and I love it. I really appreciate the after care; the massage and light were so relaxing. I looked forward to coming each day, and recovered in record time."

"Midface lift? I thought I wanted a face lift, but you were right. This procedure was perfect for me. My eyes look younger, my cheeks fuller, and my mouth more uplifted. At first I thought I wanted to keep this surgery a secret, but I am so happy with how this makes me feel, I tell everyone. Thank you."

What patients are saying about BOTOX®

"I came to your office dreading the costs of the major overhaul I thought I needed, much to my surprise the skin care, Portrait PSR, and BOTOX®? alone have erased almost all of the damage from my sun ravaged skin... Non-Surgical rejuvenation, I didn't think it was possible."

"I love Botox®. The office visit is so quick and in a few days I no longer look worried or angry. My husband says he thinks I am happier too."

"I am too young for surgery, but my outdoor lifestyle has caused squint and crows feet lines that I felt aged me. I was delighted to learn how safe BOTOX®? is. It has been a wonderful remedy. I still have lines when I laugh or smile, but when I relax, the lines are gone. It?s almost magic."

What patients are saying about Dysport™

" I really like Dysport, I can't believe how long long it lasted." 

"This stuff is the best" 

"I got my Dysport injection yesterday and already today I have my result-I love that! "

What patients are saying about Clearlight™

"It didn't seem possible that a light could improve my acne, but I had tried everything else so it made sense to try this too. I checked it out online and the studies were convincing. It has been more than seven months now and I am still clear. I continue to use the skin care suggested and the discolorations have faded. I love how my skin looks and feels. No one would ever guess that acne used to be such a problem for me."

What patients are saying about Prolite™

"My skin looked so much smoother and tighter that my husband thought I had a facelift."

"At last, I can garden and ski without discomfort. Before my ProLite photofacials, Exposure to heat and cold actually hurt my skin. I love that I am less red, and my skin so much smoother-I hardly wear make-up at all now."

"I love the results from my ProLite photofacials. My skin color is now even, my pores tighter, and even my acne has improved."

"I had tried everything to lighten the melasma I had from pregnancy, over the counter and prescription. The ProLite photofacial had my skin clear in just three treatments. Not only was the color improved, but so was the texture and pore size. I am so happy and grateful?"

"I am a runner and my skin was so damaged from the sun that my kids used to play follow the dots on my face. After my skin consultation I learned what was really going on and the long term effects of my sun exposure. It was a real wake-up call. Fortunately, the ProLite photofacial and good skin care have greatly improved the quality and color of my skin. I am now wearing sunscreen, hats, and the sun protective clothing you recommended and my skin continues to improve."

"I used to get so red after my spin class people were worried about me. My mother has rosacea and I have watched her deal with the flushes and veins as they got worse over the years. I didn?t want to end up in her shoes. My dermatologist suggested your office and the ProLite photofacial, telling me that it would make my skin healthier. I can?t tell you how pleased I am. My skin is lovely and the red flushes are much less of a problem, I even forget how troublesome and embarrassing they used to be. My mother is so impressed she has made an appointment to start her treatments too."

"The blackeads on my nose are are gone!"

What patients are saying about laser hair removal

"Most women would never write this letter. I just want you to know how grateful I am for the laser hair removal procedures I have received. My beard and mustache have been a secret I have struggled to keep from everyone, even my husband didn't know the extent of the problem. Thank you for being here. Now I am free."

"Laser hair removal is such a wonderful procedure! Daily maintenance of legs, underarms, and bikini line was so time consuming that most of the time, I preferred to skip it. After my laser hair removal sessions I noticed that not only did I never have to think about shaving and waxing, but my skin was smoother because I don't get ingrown hairs anymore! I would strongly recommend this procedure to anyone with hair removal issues, and even those who just don?t want to think about it any longer!"

"The hair on my back had been an issue for me since puberty. As a single male living alone, it was a challenge to shave it. I was always self-conscious of taking my shirt off. The laser hair removal procedure has been a great thing for me. Now when I hang out at the lake, I don?t even think twice about revealing my back."

What patients are saying about nonsurgical leg vein treatments

"I have my mother's legs, lots of veins showing on my thighs, behind my knees and around my ankles. I have had sclerotherapy and saline in the past but never with as good a results as I have had with the injections from your office..."

""I almost gave up, after two treatments of sclerotherapy, my leg veins were still there. I reluctantly tried one more treatment and to my delight the veins disappeared."

"My legs have never looked so good. I have had sclerotherapy many times in other offices, but was left with veins that were too small for sclerosing, yet still visible." With the combination treatment of your office sclerotherapy and laser, the veins have all disappered and I can wear shorts again."

What patients are saying about facial vein treatments

"I was very excited to find that I could get rid of those unsightly veins on my cheeks and nose with a quick zap of a laser. There was no real down time, only a little redness that was easily concealed with a touch of makeup. "

What patients are saying about skin care treatments

"Now that I have clear skin I have so much more confidence."

"I've had acne problems since high school. For my wedding I wanted to have beautiful skin. Your office was recommended to me. I came in, started on the skin care, had a series of treatments, and my skin was clear and more beautiful than it had ever been for my wedding. I cannot thank you enough."

"After just one peel I saw a dramatic improvement in the texture and tone of my skin. I had a significant reduction in my uneven pigment! It left my skin glowing and radiant for weeks."

"My skin looked so much smoother and tighter my husband thought I had a facelift."

"At last, I can garden and ski without discomfort. Before my ProLight photofacials, Exposure to heat and cold actually hurt my skin. I love that I am less red, and my skin so much smoother-I hardly wear make-up at all now."

"I never thought skin care could make such a difference. I was using department store brands, and was happy with my result. I was reluctant to switch. The money back guarantee assured me that I had nothing to lose, so I went for it. Now I get constant compliments. My skin is clear and luminous, my lines softened, and my confidence uplifted. The image bank program that you offer is wonderful; I can spoil myself without guilt. Thank you."

"I have to write you regarding my daughter. She is currently seventeen years old. At fifteen she started wearing make-up and her skin began breaking out. We tried washes, scrubs, dermatologis, vitamins and various make-up and her skin just kept getting worse. It got so bad I would cry watching her leave for school in the morning knowing how bad she felt about how she looked...We switched to Jane Iredale foundation and blush because it was recommended. We make this change about six months ago. I am happy to say my beautiful daughter is back. It is amazing the transformation that took place. Thank you so much for your products, and by the way, I have switched all my make-up over to your products as well land love them, Thanks so much."

What patients are saying about Radiesse™

"I love the Radiesse it lasts so long and even forget I have a problem."

What patients are saying about Restylane®

"I love Restylane. My upper lip has thinned since I've gotten older and lining my lips with Restylane provided definition and ever so subtle volume to my lips. My lipstick doesn't bleed into the fine lines above my lip and those fine lines are more subtle."

What patients are saying about Plasma Skin Regeneration

"I was very sceptical about this new technology. However, I have been so happy at my results that I no longer use botos or fillers."

"My skin is so smooth now that i can't stop touching it."

"The lines around my eyes and lips are disappearing. Every morning it looks better than the day before."

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