Endoscopic Brow Lift

Do friends and family think you look mad or sad when you're not? If you see deep furrows in your forehead or find that your browline seems to sag too closely to your eyes, you may want to consider an endoscopic brow lift.

A brow lift can help your upper lids and mid-forehead seem more rested and relaxed. It offers more long-term results than non-surgical solutions and is typically done as an outpatient procedure using conscious sedation. Most patients return to normal activity in about 2 weeks.

Why endoscopic? Performing a brow lift endoscopically enables Dr. Hetherington to utilize tiny incisions for the procedure, all of which are hidden within the hairline. Through these little incisions, the doctor inserts a small camera and his instruments, freeing up the muscle and skin. The scalp is carefully rotated to a higher position, without removing any skin. This method preserves the space between the hairline and brows, resulting in a smooth, natural look.

Patients often combine the endoscopic brow lift with a blepharoplasty to complete the rejuvenation.

These options and more will be discussed during your complimentary Ageless Beauty Consultation.

All of our facial surgery patients get two MLD and Curelight Treatments following their surgery to reduce swelling and bruising

What patients are saying about brow lifts
"I love my brow lift. My face looks so open and relaxed. I love that all the incisions are in the hair so I have no visible scars. Your staff took such good care of me. Thank you everyone."

"I don't want scars, how big are they and are they visible?"
Since we do this surgery endoscopically, all incisions are within the hairline, there are usually four, they are small and are not visible. No scalp skin is excised, and the hair does not need to be shaved.