Leg Vein Treatment

Don't disguise ugly leg veins by wearing pants or jeans year-round. Get rid of those nasty veins and let your legs out to play. The good new is: you don't have to endure the painful "stripping" procedures of yesteryear to achieve the look you want. At Big Sky Cosmetic Surgery, a complete cosmetic vein treatment service is available to you:

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)
Treats large veins by passing a fiberoptic probe inside the vein. The probe uses laser energy to obliterate veins from the inside, without stripping.

Removes medium to larger veins through tiny incisions. In addition to improved appearance, our treatments often diminish symptoms of pain, swelling and heaviness.

Involves the injection of a solution into problem veins. This process causes the veins to be replaced with harmless fibrous tissue, making them invisible.

What patients are saying about leg vein treatment
"In my younger days I got lots of compliments on my legs. With each pregnancy my veins got worse.They were bulging, painful, and downright ugly. I dreaded the "stripping" procedure, hospitalization, and down time. I was delighted to learn you have the latest technology for correcting varicose veins. After the ultrasound, Dr. Hetherington determined I needed the surgery on both legs. That was a year ago, and because I needed to do both legs, we did two separate procedures. I had a bit of down time, but I have been enjoying my legs ever since...I would recommend this procedure to anyone."

What's the difference between "stripping" and EVLT?
Until recently the removal of varicose veins required the vein to be stripped out of the leg. This usually required hospitalization and meant a longer, painful recovery. The FDA approved endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) as a quick, one-time, minimally invasive therapy that didn't mandate hospitalization and which resulted in little or no downtime after the procedure.