Midface Lift

The midface is the area below the eyes and above the lips. It is one of the most challenging areas to rejuvenate. As we age, the soft tissue in this area begins to atrophy, and the skin sags. The subcutaneous fat along the rim of the eye socket thins and creates the appearance of bags below the eyes and sinking of the cheekbones. The reduced fat volume causes the skin to sag and creates folds running from the base of the nose downward and around the corners of the mouth (nasolabial or melolabial folds).

The traditional approach to this area is the lower blepharoplasty. This procedure removes skin and fat from the lower eyelids through an incision just under the lower eyelashes. Blepharoplasty treats the results of fat atrophy by removing even more fat. This will remove the bags, but often results in a hollowed appearance, particularly as a person continues to age. The answer is to reserve and reposition midfacial fat.

Dr. Hetherington's midface lift is done through the same incisions as a lower blepharoplasty, except slightly longer. The midface tissue is elevated off the bone, lifted up, and reattached to the lower and lateral edges of the eye socket. This corrects and reduces the bags and wrinkles under the eyes by lifting the midfacial fat into the groove under the lower eyelid. It also redefines the cheekbones and improves the sunken appearance of the area under the eyes. The melolabial fold area is also improved. This is the natural evolution of the lower blepharoplasty. We have found it to be such a dramatic advance that we rarely do the standard lower blepharoplasty anymore.

All of our facial surgery patients get two MLD and Curelight Treatments following their surgery to reduce swelling and bruising

What patients are saying about midface lifts
"Thank you Doctor Hetherington and staff for my new look, I now see the old me back in the mirror and I love it. I really appreciate the after care; the massage and light were so relaxing. I looked forward to coming each day, and recovered in record time."

How is this different from a lower blepharoplasty?
A lower blepharoplasty is best if you have bulges and excess skin under the eye, the midface lift improves hollowing under the eye and sagging of the cheek.

Midface Lift
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