Otoplasty - Ear Surgery

Protruding ears can be the object of ridicule. Otoplasty is the name of the procedure used to correct deformities of the external ear. The best age to perform this operation is at about age 5. At this age, the external ears have reached 85-90% of their adult size, so there is little concern with possibly affecting the normal groth of the ear. Also, this is about the age when children start to notice differeneces and make fun of each other. Otoplasty can be done at any age. Older children and adults can have the procedure done under local anesthesia, often with IV sedation. Most adults who have this surgery wish they had done it sooner.

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All of our facial surgery patients get two MLD and Curelight Treatments following their surgery to reduce swelling and bruising

What patients are saying about otoplasty
"I have been unhappy with my big ears all my life. When we started planning my wedding I dreaded the wedding photographs and decided to do something about it. My consultation with Dr. Hetherington made me feel so comfortable [they were] able to show me in the computer what I would look like if I had the surgery. When the bandages came off for the first time-I cried. My ears looked normal and beautiful. I was overwhelmed."

What is the recovery like?
We do the surgery here with sedation and local anesthesia. In very young patients the option of general anesthesia is more appropriate. In these cases, we perform the surgery in the hospital operating room. The patient will wear an ear dressing for one week. After the first week, a head band protecting the ears is worn at night for six weeks. There is tenderness, but the discomfort is easily diminished with pain medication.

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